Sexy Pencil
Erotic canvas art upskirt

                                                                    Sexy Lady   Artist. Fred Wunderlich.


Erotic Art - Upskirt, Canvas Art.

Private moments convey an erotic message which I try to capture with my pencil. I extract femininity and dignity out of that part of a woman, movement, poise, how she adjusts her stockings or puts her dress on, in a private moment, with me being the invited audience.

I capture with my pencil the erotic essence of these intimate messages in these private moments. These are the enchantments I want to share with the world.

The end product is in the imagination of the viewer, "view as you will, what you see is not quite all you will get". But what you do see is my interpretation of the beautiful women who are willing and trusting enough to pose for me, allowing me into their private moments.

Australian Women.

A celebration of the curvatious form of Women.

These erotic artworks from Fred Wunderlich are not what you can see but are what feeds the imagination and stimulates the mind. This art is seductive and teases the viewer allowing the imagination to take over.

The style of artworks are freehand pencil sketches, these are then converted to canvas art prints or on a number of other mediums available and shipped to you direct.

Tastefully drawn for the purposes of framing and hanging in your home this erotic art will leave the viewers imagination wanting more. Like peeping through a curtain and seeing just a sneak peek of a woman you as the viewer become the voyeur.